New album “I Believe In You”

Today I have not only the usual Friday new song day, which you can check HERE, for you guys, but also a new album 🙂 I have been working bit differently this year. Last year I had a new album out about every twelve weeks. But this year I decided to concentrate more on the singles. Soon after my last album “After the Storm” every song has been available for a download from my Bandcamp page on the day I posed them on my blog. So I now have quite few songs, that I have acoustic versions recorded, but waiting for some additional instruments. I do have some budget related restrictions that are slowing me down. But at the same time there were some songs that were always supposed to be just the acoustic guitar and me 🙂 And today, a selection of those songs are out as an album titled “I Believe In You.”

So if you are more of an album person (I know I am,) it is available on iTunes, Amazon and pretty much any bigger online download store. It will also be available to stream on Apple music, Spotify and most other streaming sites. I decided against doing a big PR campaign for the album, as my focus is more on the singles themselves, but you can help me to spread the word by sharing the album on your social media sites.

Having said that, I am exited and proud of this album. I think it is some of the more intimate work I’ve done up to date and I truly hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I did writing and recording it.

And how can you help me? Well, first of all you can share this page. Hit those share buttons at the end of the page as many times as you’d like 😀 You can also rate the album in iTunes, Amazon, like it in Apple music and Spotify. And most of all enjoy the music, after all that’s what this all is about. Never underestimate the power of us all working together 😉

And don’t forget, “I Believe In You”

Track list and links to individual song posts:

I Believe In You

  1. Junk Yard Dog
  2. Who Am I To You?
  3. Alone At Last
  4. Good Old Songs
  5. Annie’s Lament
  6. No One Said It Was Easy
  7. He Ain’t Worth A Dime
  8. You
  9. The Ballad Of A Road Warrior
  10. Wheels For Wings
  11. I Believe in You
  12. While I’m Here


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