Alone at last

Alone at last singleIn the modern society we have built around us, everything seems to be busy, everything seems to be social. In fact the social after money often is the largest measure of our success. It seems as long as you are busy, everything is fine. As long as you are surrounded by people you are fine.

You see, in that silence we need to face what is hiding inside of us. We can’t drown our own internal monologue. And in a way, with the help of the world we build for our selves, it is easy to ignore ourselves and what truly is going on inside of us. If I have learned anything in my time on this earth, it is that the past will always catch up with you. You can hide what ever you have been trying to ignore, or not deal with for years. But some day it will come back up knocking.

So it is easy to understand why we are scared of silence and being alone. But I believe being alone is like the base level. It is the foundation you build things onto. You need to learn how to be alone, be happy alone. We so desperately look for a life partner, and often the reasons behind this search get perverted, and as a result our relationships become destructive.

What we need to understand and accept is the fact that being happy starts from within us. If we can’t be happy alone, and expect other people to make us happy, we set unreasonable expectations on them. Start from within and work your way out to make your world a happier place.

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