I always try to warn people, that by having a conversation with me you run the risk of some of it ending up in one of my songs 😉 An old friend of mine came to visit Dublin quite few years back now. He was on a bit of “time out” trip. He had quite few “challenging” years behind him. We did what boys do, we drank beer and talked well in to the night. Oh and a tip for female readers here who might be frustrated about men keeping their emotions bottled up, get them drunk…

Anyway, there was something in that conversation that stuck with me, got filed in that massive songwriters filing cabinet in my brain, and several years later it resurfaced 🙂

I often talked about how sometimes it can be hard to appreciate a good thing when we have it, and we only realise what we had once it is gone. It is easy to fall in love. Falling out of love is much more complicated, and if you are forced to do so there are no going back. We all can get complacent in our relationships, time takes its toll and the monotony of everyday life can make you forget why got in the relationship in the first place. But I urge you to remind your self, as if you drift a way to someone else in a heat of the moment, there might be no coming back.

There you go, these were some of the things that were circling around my head, while the words of this weeks song “You” spilled out on the page. Even the title is trying to drill in the simple fact that we sometimes get too self-centred, and if you only think about YOU, not the loved ones around you, you might end up loosing more than you bargain for.

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