Digging deep in DADGAD

Lately, I have been digging deep in DADGAD, which is the alternative tuning that is the¬†standard tuning for me. There are some preconceptions about this tuning, which I will try to break down here. But before all of that, let’s…

I am a musician

I am a musician

In the past year or so, I have been going¬†through some existential crises. It’s nothing serious but still, something that has been floating in mind for a while now. It seems forces that be around me were trying to guide…

Monday Motivation

When the dawn breaks and a new week begins, we search for hope, purpose and Monday motivation. The weekend is gone and we look forward to the next one. For some archaic reason, we feel like this a new beginning….

Dangerous Game

Dangerous Game by J.P. Kallio Sometimes in a relationship our cry for help can manifest in strange ways. We might bury our heads in work, look for thing our relationship does not full fill us with from family and friends….

Thousand Sleepless Nights

Thousand Sleepless Nights

Thousand Sleepless Nights by J.P. Kallio This weeks new song “Thousand Sleepless Nights” touches on a subject matter that I have written about in the past, Intimacy in a relationship. It can be a heavy subject, so this time I…