Winter Months

This weeks song “Winter Months” kind of deals with two things. First of all there is the constant struggle off a musician, that raises its head all the time. As a musician playing live shows is your lifeline. It is where all the hard work finally comes together. You know the way you see a musician performing on a stage and it looks so effortless? Well it took a lot of work to make it look that “effortless.” And when we get to perform live, we get to share our music directly with people. It is why most of us do this.

But it also comes with a price. To get to play live night after night, you need be touring. And to tour, you need to leave home and your loved ones behind. You’d think it would get easier with time, but in my experience it actually gets harder. I don’t have any children and I can only imagine how that turns it into a completely new ballgame.

When you are back home, sooner or later that itch to play live again comes back. And It will never stop, until you scratch it. So most musicians are constantly torn between two places, the road and the home.

Also this weeks song is a seasonal song. Those winter months can be tough from time to time. Days are short, and cold. And even through the holidays, those of us who are alone, it can be extremely hard time. So as we are about to jump into the pre-Christmas madness, just share a thought for those who might be suffering through this season.

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The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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