I believe in you

It’s been a week of motivational blog posts here on my website. And as if the universe was trying to tell me something, while writing this weeks song, I started to think about all the wonderful people around me, near and far. I honestly could see potential in every one of them. You see I do believe we all have purpose on this planet. We all play a part in something greater. Unfortunately many of us do lose the sight of what we are here to do. Ironically it is life itself that gets on the way.

But do you remember when you were a kid and you had a dream? Or even a teenager? I do. I wanted to be a musician more than anything else. I still do 🙂 Did you have a dream? What was it? And what happened to it? “Not everyone can be as lucky as you are,” I hear you say. Luck? What about the hard work? All the determination to keep going when everyone else told me it was not possible? What about when one of my earlier bands had a bit of success, but then dismantled as “life” got on the way? What did I do? I picked my self up and started again! Luck has played a very small part in my career. What many people misunderstand as luck, is opportunities representing them selves. And when they do, you need to grab them. I suppose I got good at that. But I also missed many opportunities due to my young foolishness. But I picked my self up and continued.

If you are fixated in the concept of luck, let me just say I believe we make our own luck. It is our actions that lead to things we call “luck.” Sure there are random incidents that happen and we consider it luck, but on a smaller scale these things happen every day all around us. You just need to be willing to grab those opportunities while they are there.

So as I said, I believe we all have a purpose. You might not be as aware of your as I am of mine. But I believe in you. I believe there is something you do so well, with so much passion that it will have a positive effect in the people around you, or even further. And if you are able to remove your self from the purpose of what you do, and concentrate on others, great things will happen. I did not write this weeks song to feel great about my self. I wrote it because I wanted to inspire as many people as possible.

So don’t think this song is not about you, because it is. It is about every one of you!I believe in you! And I believe in us. I believe we can, and do make this world of ours a better place by our own actions. Don’t give into fear, have faith in your self!

Grab a copy of this weeks song on my Bandcamp page HERE. Also I have been working hard for the past week to set up my Patreon page, which will offer you among the other things access to my Patreon feed, where I will discus even more in detail about the songs I post here on my website. You can have a sneak peek of my Patreon page HERE, but I’ll be talking more about it soon 🙂 Thank you for listening. Spread the message, and don’t forget, I believe in you!


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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