2014 top ten blog posts

Top 10 Blog postsIt’s that time of the year to look back at some of your favourite posts 😉 Here is the 2014 top ten blog posts from my blog. These are the posts that got the most visits. Some surprises, some not. Some food for thought and at the end of the day, I am very happy that eight out of ten ended up being my song posts. I must be doing something right 😉 So let’s get in to it, did your favourite make the list?

1. Bad live sound
2. Journey Instruments OF420
3. Not just another Christmas song
4. Read Between the lines, Dyslexic songwriter
5. It’s OK
6. Take me as I am
7. Greener grass
8. Fight
9. You and I
10. Do we “Judge” too fast?

What always surprise me is the unpredictability of what people seem to like. The top post “Bad live sound” I wrote during a drive from Austria to Munich at the end of Sliotar’s summer tour 2014, posted it at the Munich airport while waiting for our flight home. I shred it on all my social media sites and on Reddit.com and the next morning woke up to a notification that my website stats were booming 😀

I was also delighted my review of the Journey Instrument guitar did so well. It has become my main guitar that hardly ever leaves my side.

As you might know “Read between the lines” is a special song for me, so it’s great to see it did so well.

Few surprises in the song posts as well. I might need to make a few additions to the live set based on these 😉

Overall it has been a fantastic year, that has only inspired me to work harder in 2015. So be prepared for more songs, more videos and many more blog posts:-)


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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