It’s OK

ringSome you know by now I went through a divorce almost ten years ago. This weeks song is not another song about songwriter being hung up on their own divorce, but I am just telling you this as when I was working on this song I did dig back in to those emotions I was going through at the time. No matter what your situation is, you do feel guilty. You feel guilty whether you are the one leaving or the one staying behind. In the world we live in we are expected to do lot of things. We are expected to grow up, we are expected to educate our selves, get a job, fall in love, get married, have children… But here’s the thing. I got married when I was 19 years of age. It was almost like something we were just supposed to do. But let’s just say for an argument’s sake the people in the song got married around 21. Thinking back now, how are we supposed to know who we are going to spend the rest of our life with at that stage, when we don’t even know who we are our selves yet?

So those of us who have been through the divorce, or even a breakup from a long-term relationship, I hope this song will tell you, it is ok, we are allowed to make mistakes. In fact those mistakes are what makes us humans and as I said before, I think that should be embraced. I don’t mean by this that when you hit hard times in your relationship, you should just break it off. Even the best of relationships go through troubles and if you fight your way through them it will only make your relationship stronger. But sometimes we just grow apart and there is nothing left to save. And if you both are willing to admit your own mistakes, I belive the healing can begin.

And once again I ask you to share this song if it touches you, if you have been through something similar, or if you are brave enough, share your story with us. It really helps to know you’re not on your own 🙂


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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