Greener Grass

I think the search for the “Greener grass” keeps us often from finding true happiness. We seem to want what we can’t have. And sometimes we only realize how good something was, after it’s gone. Personally I am not one to look back too much, I don’t find it very beneficial… But sometimes when I write songs, I put my self in a imaginary situations, or imagine what it would be like going through something some one I know is going through. To do this properly, it can be emotionally very draining, but often the results are well worth it. So I hope that with this weeks song you take a look around you just for a minute and try to appreciate what and who you have in your life. And once again, if you like it I ask you kindly to share it with your friends 🙂



J.P. Kallio - Northern Boy

“Northern Boy” out on 25th of March 2014







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