24th of May Blog update

sunnysandymountIt has been a historical week here in Ireland. As I write this, I am just back from the Porterhouse, where I was playing with Sliotar our Saturday night show. On the streets outside of my home the party is going on and I’d expect it to continue for the rest of the weekend. If for some reason you have no idea what I am talking about, you can read all about it HERE. Let’s just say, even though I am not originally from Ireland, I am extremely proud of what the people of this country have done in the past few days.

But life goes on, that’s the nature of it 😉 I’ve had a crazy busy week once again and my blog views are climbing, so big thank you to every one of you! It really means a world to know that people are reading my posts 🙂 So let’s get in to this week’s posts 🙂

This weeks song “Flame”, which by the way came out bit later than usual, has already got a loads of plays and shares. You guys really are the best! Check it out here, if you haven’t done so yet:


Monday I was in a kind of reflective mood 😉 And I got thinking how many things in this world of ours would be better if more of us would learn the art of listening:

Take time to listen

It amazes me still how some artists see fans as some sort of commodity, rather than individual people. You should treat your fans like you that your friends:

Quick tip 96 Treat your fans like you would treat your friends

It seems at least once a week, I hit a rock wall when it comes to writing. Here’s how I make sure it won’t stop me:

It happens to the best of us

This app for your website rocks! Check it out here:

Quick tip 97 SumoMe

So many of us get wrapped up in how some people won’t like our music, instead of being grateful for the ones who do:

Gratitude v Resentment

Here’s why I think the search for validation in the art is all bit messed up:

Quick tip 98 Validation

Fear can hold us back from reaching our potential. But if we are willing to face it, that’s when we can make great things happen:

Fear breeds hate and compromises your dream

Have you been reading and utilising my quick tips? If so, it’s time to evaluate your progress:

Quick tip 99 Evaluate your progress

On Friday we reached Quick tip number 100. I didn’t broke out the bubbly just yet, but still it felt like a bit of a landmark 🙂 Read all about it here:

Quick tip 100 Never give up

It was time to get rd of some “winter weight”. Here’s how I’m doing it:

Mad juicers experiment

Quite a mixed bag of blog posts this week. My website stats are telling me I’m dong something right 😉 But I’d love to hear what you thought about this weeks posts either here on the blog, on my Facebook, or Twitter. But for now, upwards and onwards!


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