Quick tip 96 Treat your fans like you would treat your friends

J.P.s Quick tipStill about ten years ago I was ignorant. I believed the big star model, that most major label artists careers are based on. I thought the artist was and needed to be in a different level to its fans. Like you had to live in some imaginary world that the fans only dreamed about. The weirdest thing is, I always looked up to Joe Strummer, who spent hours after shows talking to the fans in the audience…

Now I know better. Some wise people corrected my ways of thinking. And trust me, it is almost a weight of my shoulders. The truth is you should treat your fans (I actually even dislike using that word) like you would treat your friends. This is how you build extremely loyal following. If people are interested in your music and they make the effort to reach out to you, reach back. Get to know them, talk to them, reply to their emails, find out more about them.

I actually have several “fans” who I know are going through some tough times, and guess what? I talk with them about their tough times. I worry about them, because to me they are not fans, they are friends. The fact that they listen to my music means a world to me. It’s one thing to have fans, but completely other thing to have friends who got to know you through our music. They are also some of my best promoters 🙂

So get your hands dirty, start making friends with your fans, get to know them and build a lifelong relationships.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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