Fear breeds hate and compromises your dream

dreamDon’t get stuck doing something you hate. You will never be great at something you hate. We need passion to be great at something, if you don’t have the passion, what’s the point of trying? Now you can learn to love something, for example I used to hate writing, now I love it. But it has to come naturally, you can’t force it.

We are all on this planet only for a short period of time in the grand scheme of things. By the time you get to the end of your road, you will never regret taking risks along the way, even if they fail. Unless people have done something really bad, rarely they regret things they have done, rather than things they didn’t do. Take life by the balls while you still can. And don’t let the silly metric we use to count our age to get on the way. As long as you are in reasonable health and able to move, the sky is the limit.

Recently I had the pleasure to talk to a young dancer. Her passion from a very young age was to dance. It is her way of expressing emotions, and sharing them with the world. She worked very hard at it and become extremely good at it. But one hesitantly executed dance move lead to bad landing, a very bad landing. She shattered her knee and broke her knee in seven different places. The doctors told her she might not ever walk properly, let alone dance again… Her passion was taken away from her.

But the fire burned stronger, she went above and beyond to strengthen the leg. She worked hard, extremely hard through the pain, because the pain of not being able to dance was many times bigger than the excruciating physical pain. Today, because of her passion and determination she is back dancing and competing and telling her story through dance 🙂

It is often the fear that keeps us from changing our life’s and going after our dreams. Fear breeds hate, so if you fear the unknown future that waits after you give up on a dead-end job, this will make you hate even more what you do right now. But what I have learned is that the fear of unknown can in most cases be beaten with information. Do you research, prepare your self for the path, study the terrain, other people’s experiences who have made the trip and lived to tell the stories about it.

You need to accept the fact that you are in charge of your destiny, no one else! You can make the change happen. Don’t get blinded by preconceptions that others have forced on you. Very little in this world is set in stone. For most things there is an alternative way of doing things. The way we do business or create art today, would have been unheard of only twenty years ago. What will the next twenty years bring? What will you do with the next twenty years of your life? What ever it is, start today!


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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