April 24th past weeks posts

badhairdayOk it seems my website have been growing, one blog post at the time 🙂 So I decided to simplify things a bit. I’ll try to post an update blog post with links to the past weeks, or so posts once in a while. So here is the first one.

Last weeks song It’s OK seem to have got a very nice response from you guys 🙂 What I did not mention in the post wast that I also played the Kantele on the song. Kantele is a Finish traditional instrument and I will write more detailed post on it in the near future. But here is the link to last weeks song post, if you missed it.

It’s OK

As some of you know, I was over in Poland for the Easter holidays. On the holidays I filmed another one of my Music/ Travel videos You can find out more about it at the link below:

New Video “Fine By Me”

Also while I was in Poland, I took a moment to sit down and write another blog post on how sometimes when we don’t have the words to communicate, we learn lot more 🙂 Check it out:

What happends when we don’t have words?

I also had to have one of my music business rants… But Let me just say here, that even I call them rants, they are meant as motivation and tips, not only to musicians but also any artists 🙂

Shortcut in Music Business

Now looking back at that I am actually surprised how much I did, considering I was on “holidays” 😀 I was actually kicking my self for not getting enough done, but not feeling so bad now. More good stuff on the way 🙂


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