What happends when we don’t have words?

Truckdriversson It is an Easter Sunday morning. I am sitting on a sofa with my laptop and typing just a mindless flow of thoughts. I had two cups of coffee, the big Polish Easter breakfast and a shower already, so you can say I am wide awake.

I love traveling. I’ve done it since I was a small child. My dad was a truck driver, so the road was my second home. I also think there are somethings I notice, or recognize in me due to the amount of traveling I have done. Endless amount of times I have found my self in a table full of strangers and often we don’t have a common language. In these situations I tend to observe people. And it is amazing how much more you learn about people this way. Sometimes words, which especially as a songwriter and a blogger I hold dear to me can get on the way. Sometimes being the silent observer teaches you more about life than you ever thought you could learn. I know for some of us not being able to communicate is a scary thought, but I encourage you to face that fear. The results will reward you. It might even learn something about your self.

Now I am about to go to celebrate a three-year old girls birthday. Have a great Easter everyone 🙂


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