28th of December Blog update

winterWe are nearly at the end of the year and this will be the last blog update of 2014 πŸ™‚ Hope you had a great Christmas, I came across a great statement: “If you don’t get fat over the Christmas, you’re not doing it right!” So hopefully the Santa was good to you, your belly is full of food and all the usual stuff. Now let’s have a quick look at what got posted on my blog this week.

Most importantly this weeks song was the 52nd song of my 52 song challenge πŸ™‚ And those of you on my mailing list got a small Christmas present. Read all about it here:

Time For Change

Monday’s blog post was there to catch those of you before the holidays swooped you away and just say Thank you for a wonderful year. Check it out here:

Thank You

As some of you know, I flew over to Poland for the holidays, in fact I’m still here dingy bets to get fat πŸ˜‰ I ran a bit of an experiment on the fight here. Do you ever get bloated during flights? If so read all about it here:

Inflight Bloating

I have been lucky enough to experience Christmas in a quite few countries by now and I thought to share with you a few of the traditions πŸ™‚

Some Christmas traditions

And I could not help myself posting a little message on Christmas day as well. Check it out here πŸ™‚

Short Christmas day post

Ok, that’s all for this week, more on the way. Now I got to run and play with a little three year old princess πŸ˜‰ Have a great rest of the holidays.


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