Thank You

J.P. Thank youIt is Sunday night and I am just back from my last concert of the year. In the morning I’ll be flying to Poland for a well earned rest 🙂 It’s been a pretty amazing year I must say. I’m just reading through my annual report from Mailchimp, my mailing list provider. You got to love these guys! I’ve been steadily building my mailing list throughout the year and those you who have signed up, I really appreciate having you aboard. As I mentioned on yesterdays blog post, I have a Christmas present for you guys that should be delivered to your Email box on Friday the 26th of December 🙂

This year has also been a great learning curve and along the year I tried to share with you guys as much of my experience and hoping that my experience would help other artists on their journey, but also give some food for thought or just entertain you with my amusing as well as my songs.

In 2015, I have no plans to slow down. In fact I got bigger plans. You got to dream big to get stuff done 😉 In the following weeks I’ll let you guys in a bit more in detail of what’s to come. But for now, even though the year is not over, but I know some of you might disappear for the holidays, I just wanted to wish you happy Holidays and thank you for a wonderful year.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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