14th of December blog update

wintershereThe winter is truly here. You would not brave outside without a winter jacket and hat anymore. And we are only a week and a half away from Christmas. Where did the year disappear? Ah well. It’s been a busy week here. It always seems like there are so many things that needs to get done before the year is over. But the truth is, the first of January is just another day 😉

But let’s have a look at what got posted on my blog this week

This week’s song had a look at how we are responsible for the change in the world around us and how it might affect the future generations. Check it out here:

Hard To Stop

I thought it was only fair for me to explain why I felt so strongly about the current water charge protests here in Ireland and that is just what I did on Monday:

New world old rules

Constructive criticism can be priceless to your career, but can you take it? Read all about it here:

Constructive criticism

The Wednesdays blog post is some of the best advice for any musician I have ever given, but I felt like it for bit buried with all the carry on with the march here in Dublin. But you can check it out here:

Be consistent and you will get there

Not to anybody’s surprise the day after the Irish people took to the streets once again to show their anger to the current government, the figures of the turnout in the media were ridiculously underestimated. I was there and here is my estimate and some photos:

Peaceful anger on the streets

Hopefully you found something entertaining, something informative and maybe even learned something from this week’s blog posts. As always let me know your thoughts and more on the way 🙂


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