Be consistent and you will get there.

ConsistencyHow do you prioritise your life and work life? For the past few days I had to put some of my own work on the back burner as I’ve been helping out a friend. When you see loved one over stretched and nearly falling apart, you step in. But the problem is some of the work required has been very time consuming. This puts my own work well behind my schedule.

So here I am, 1.40am writing a blog post, when I know the alarm is going to kick me out of the bed 7am. Outside the wind is beating the rain on the window, and I have a cup of green tea by my side to keep me going. Sure you could say, I should just tell everyone to sod off and concentrate on my own work, or take a break from my own stuff to help my friend. But as you might know by now, neither of the above is me 😉

I will do what I do the best. I will find the time to do both, push myself just that little bit harder for a few days to get over the hump. Also as you know in the past year I learned the value of taking a break, resetting your mind and coming back to the fight all fresh and full of energy. And as the holidays are only a few weeks away, I know right now I can push myself bit harder 🙂

But I also believe consistency is very important. I started releasing songs once a week in the beginning of 2014. There has been times it felt like the song would not be out in time, the mix wasn’t right, or my the lyrics were not hitting home for me, but I pushed myself. I burned some midnight oil and got it done, week after week. Then in June the blog started to have a life of its own. I started to blog six days a week. This had almost an instant effect on the traffic to my website and even more so in the engagement with you guys through social media. And yeah there has been days when it felt like nothing was coming, like I should just skip a day. But if I skip a day, soon enough it turns into a week… Now looking back, as the year is nearly done, I can see the power of consistency.

It is not that one song, or one blog post that builds a career or gets you ten thousand followers, it is consistency. It is turning up day after day, pouring your heart out on these pages, on to my songs and sharing it with you people. And guess what? It is also the most rewarding thing I could imagine right now 🙂

So my advice to you is whatever it is you do, do it from your heart, be willing to expose yourself and tomorrow do it again. Be consistent and you will get there.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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