Quick tip 77 The choice is yours

J.P.s Quick tipToday’s Quick tip is about your path in music and the choice you have here. The amazing thing that so many people seem to ignore, or not believe that the choice is yours. You can choose to believe, with a bit of luck the magic fairy of music will grant you the privilege of “being discovered”. Or you can treat your career in music as a real business.

Obviously I am talking about the later of the two options here. You have the choice of take things seriously. And here’s the thing, once musician changes the mindset of how they approach  the business, where nothing is impossible, every problem has a solution, I rarely see them fail. I know this might sound mad to some of you who have tried to break into the music for years, but it is that shift in mentality that is the key to success.

It is not easy though… Every problem needs to become your problem. You need to accept that the only person to solve those problems is you! If you think you need help, sure look for it. But don’t expect someone else to do your work for you.

Don’t forget, the choice is yours.

The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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