Anytime Video

afterthestorm2compressedI’ve had few rehearsal videos waiting to be edit, but trying to get the new albums artwork finished has taken more of my time than I thought. Considering it’s my fifth album, you’d think I had learned something by now 😀 So Yesterday I had a productive day 🙂 I finally decided on the final design of the new album (see it on the right) and sent off all the material to the distribution.

I made a decision to make more videos this year, and even though I have released quite few, I wanted to get some more out for you guys in a timely matter. So I decided to grab my iPhone and filmed a song from the new album called “Anytime” You can read the original song post HERE. As I have been playing this song quite a lot in the sessions lately, it has taken a bit more wider meaning for me. This often happens with songs. You write them about something, but after playing them live, you kind of get deeper in to them. And the whole concept has shifted a bit form not only my friends who became fathers lately, but also I feel like I am singing the song to my dear friends and family, especially the ones I don’t see often enough 🙂

This video is also one of those “put your money where your mouth is” as I talked about the power of Quick videos during the week. So here we go, I’m not talking about it, I do it as well;-)

Hope you enjoy the video and hopefully hit those shares either here on the website, on Twitter, Facebook or on YouTube. Thanks for checking it out.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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