Words I needed to hear from Ryan Kairalla

I shamelessly plug things on my blog that I like. I don’t get paid for it, I do it because I like something and think other might as well. I share.

So since when did podcasts became an art form? Well, we always viewed TV as an art form, we viewed radio at that as well. To me any result of a creative process is an art form. I for one find podcasts (especially good ones) very engaging and thought-provoking art form.

I am a big fan of the Break the business podcast, and in many ways the fact that I got to appear on one of the earlier episodes has contributed to that. You can check out that episode HERE. But this week one of the hosts of the podcast Ryan Kairalla started the show with a  beautiful section about the events in Paris and his own feelings. And then he continues to talk about the important role us artists play in times like these. And I would very much like to thank Ryan for this, as I for one, who also spent the past few days in a fog, needed to hear it. Thank you Ryan!

Also in the podcast Ryan interviews Ari Herstand, who runs one of the best modern music business blogs Ari’s Take, so a lot of great advice as well.

But the reason I wanted to feature the podcast here, is Ryans words to the artists. Inspiring stuff. Check it out.


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