hand-129532_1280We have been told that it takes hard work, we have been told that this is the way it goes. Our unconscious minds have been thought to settle for what we have. Sure, what’s the point in trying when more than likely you are going to fail? Success does not come to people like us…

But what if it is all just lies? Sure if we all just went for it, who would be there to do the mundane groundwork? Who was there to consume and pay the big boys? There are very powerful forces trying to make sure that will never happen.

But what they (like to) forget is that we are all individuals. Our passions are diverse. Not everyone wants to be a brain surgeon, not everyone wants to be a movie star. There are people among us whose passion is to do one of those tasks you and I might find mundane extremely well.

You see most of us are looking for recognition one way or another and if you try to tell me you are not, either you are lying to me or to yourself. It is a basic human need. We sometimes confuse money as a key to happiness. Money does provide us certain amount of security, but it is recognition and growth that lead to happiness.

This is something that has been scientifically proven in several researches, but still ignored by the powers that be. You see, if we embrace this little fact in our everyday life, in our jobs by both the employees and the management, are we not one step closer to abandoning the old system which made many a man very rich and millions poor?

Read between the lines, nothing is black or white. Food for thought.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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