Quick tip 30 Facebook

J.P.s Quick tipHere’s another handy new feature the good people at the Facebook have come up with. I’ve seen this rolled in the past month and eagerly waited to get my hands on it and today was the day. So let’s get in to it.

On your bands Facebook page at the corner of your cover photo, just beside the Message and Like buttons are new “Call to action” button, which you can edit to your liking. As a band I would recommend you use this to grow your mailing list, surely you set it up after the Quick tip 5?

Just click on the Create Call to action button and a setup window opens. If you already have set up this button, you can edit it by clicking on the downward arrow on the corner of the button and a drop down menu appears. On the menu there is an option to Edit Call-to-action. While choosing the button, I recommend you choose Sign Up. Then write the URL of your Mailchimp sign-up page on the Website and Mobile Website fields and click the Next button on the bottom of the setup window. The next two pages ask you where you want to send your mobile users, one page is for iOS users and the second is for Android users. On both pages just leave the option at website (unless you have an app for your band) and click next. And that’s it, your button is activated.

It’s a small addition and only time will tell how effective it will be, but I welcome this addition. Now go and set it up.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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