Quick tip 23 Facebook boost

J.P.s Quick tipHere’s a quick tip I’ve tried few times now and it works a treat. If you use Facebook adds, I am sure you are familiar with boosted posts. When you set them up it takes some time for them to be approved and then actually start delivering. But what if you would like them to deliver quicker and at a specific time? Try this:

Set up your post as usual, but do this ahead of time. The best result I got when I did this 12 hours in advance. Set up boost for the post as usual, but as soon as you have done it, pause the boost. It will ask if you are sure you want to do this, just go ahead with it. Then at your desired time (12 hours later works a treat) continue the boost and Facebook will deliver a lump of the boost in a matter of a minutes.

I have only used this for blog posts, but I could imagine this being a good way to get some extra views on your new video, or other music link. Also if you know the time most of your followers are online or “active”, you could time your show announcement according to this.


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