Quick tip 111 Twitter Quotes

J.P.s Quick tipBy now it is no secret that I am a big fan of Twitter and how you can use it to promote your music in a kind of organic way. For a long time Twitter kept things quite stagnant, when it came to the development of new features. But in the past while they have seemed to really amp up on this department. Who knew, a major tech company who put the user first (hint hint Facebook ) 😉

One of the cool new features is being able to quote a tweet. The way this works is if for example someone mention you on Twitter, instead of directly thanking them, you can quote the tweet and add your own thank you message on the quoted tweet. This will make the thank you note visible to all your followers, and lead to more engagement. Also if you do have big following, you are making the person whose quote you tweeted more visible, and for lack of a better word “spreading the love”.

So if someone compliments something you do, instead of just retweeting and replying, all you need to do is quote the tweet, and leave thank you note and everyone benefits from it 🙂


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