6th of March 2016 Blog update


he past few weeks have been so crazy that I completely feel like I lost the concept of days. It feels bit surreal that we are already a week into March! We still have some unfinished business with the old landlord, which is out of my hands at the moment, but overall the worst of the madness of the past few weeks is behind us. We are in our new home, and slowly but surely one box at the time we are unpacking 🙂

So next week I am mostly looking forward to just concentrating on writing music and making vlogs. Lets hope I haven’t spoken too early 😉

Last week I had to skip my usual “lessons” section due to time restrictions, so lets look back  what this week had in store

  1. IKEA bags are a life saver when moving house, but you can fit more books into them than I can carry 😀
  2. Never underestimate how much of a toll moving house can take on you. The past few weeks have pushed me closer to a breaking point than I can remember being, and I am happy I made it through in one pease.
  3. Music is a life line in times like these, for me.

And on to this weeks Vlogs and blog posts. This weeks song “I often wonder” is up on my website and can be downloaded form my Bandcamp page as well. Check it out here

I often wonder

The Monday vlog is always a catch up on what I got up to during the weekend. This weekend I got the keys to our new place and we spent three days moving house:

Vlog 106 Have the keys

On Tuesdays vlog I was back in the old house for the very last cleanup and it was time to say goodbye to the old home:

Vlog 107 Saying goodbye to old home

New house and a new vlogging spot 🙂 Check it out and let me know what you think:

Vlog 108 I found my spot

The good people at www.mariasole.co.uk sent me some coffee to try out, so I decided to review it on my vlog:


Vlog 109 Maria Sole coffee review

One of the thing that gets me going is when other people waste my time:

Vlog 110 The value of time

In the Saturday vlog I talk about decluttering, web design and I take you to the streets of Temple Bar on Friday night:

Vlog 111 Declutter

That wraps up another week. Let me know how you got on during the week?

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And thats a wrap. Keep your head high and thank you for sticking with me 🙂


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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