Vlog 111 Declutter

Remember how in yesterdays vlog I was annoyed about other people wasting my time? In todays vlog I actually found my self with some spare time in my hands and did a fair bit of work on my new website. I have committed to declutter my life and work and I think moving house is a good time to be doing that 🙂 So the website is going to be a clean design, as well as my new office.

Unfortunately I had to give-up on one of my plans for 2016. I had made quite strong plans to go to the Musikmesse in Frankfurt this year, but this move has cleaned me out for now and I need to recoup some of my finances before any future trips. I do have some pretty cool plans for later this year, but more on them later 😉


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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