24th of August Blog update

parisI’m sitting on my living room floor writing this blog post. I came back from Paris on Friday, where I spent few days “unplugging” and recharging. It was a great trip and I will be talking more about the trip on my blog in the weeks to come.

Still even I was a way, I got loads of stuff posted on my blog this week, so let’s get in to it straight away.

This weeks song “Close to the end” came out on Friday. As always the blog post explains all about it, but let me just say I am kind of silently proud of this one 😉 Check it out and spread the word.

Close To The End

Monday’s blog post kind of explains the reasons why I decided with a few days notice head over to Paris and also talks about my views on a writers blog:

Writers block

Blogging is something I started years ago as I thought it was something I should do, but with time I fell in love with it. It has also had a massive effect on my music. Here are five reasons why every musician should blog:

5 reasons every musician should blog

Musicians always dream about getting to the “next level”, but too often we don’t really know what it means. Here’s a blog post to help you figure out what success means to you:

What does success mean?

I always try to find ways to help other musicians with tips and preferably stuff I have tested my self. So here’s five free tools I find priceless for musicians:

Few priceless free tools for musicians

Now that was a week packed full of good info, even if I say so my self 😉 Let me know your thoughts and look out for more stuff to come.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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