5 reasons every musician should blog

blogging Musicians, surely you do have your own website? If not, get one today! Those Facebook pages are no substitute for real website. Besides, the visibility of your Facebook page has dropped massively in the past year. If you do have your own website, do you have a blog on it? If not, start today. Don’t over think it, just do it. Start with your first post today. It is the single most powerful thing you can do to promote your music this year. Here are 5 reasons why every musician should blog.

1. Blogging will give you a voice as an artist
Writing a regular blog will give your followers a chance to get to know you better, it gives you a voice. The more people can relate to you, the more loyal fans you will have

2. Blogs make your website more visible to Google
Google love blogs, so if you have regular interesting blog posts on your website, it will drive traffic to your website. In my experience, blogging is the only really effective free website promotion tool.

3. The Blog is a platform for your music as well
You can write about your music, about the experience of recording. It’s like letting your fans into the backstage 😉

4. It will give you credibility in the eyes of other bloggers
I have had my blog posts reposted on other blogs, I have a better understanding what works and what does not, so I know what to offer for other bloggers, whether it’s a blog post I want them to repost, or an interview of myself!

5. You will multiply the back links to your website
Every time I post a new blog, I share the link on all over social media. For a single blog post I create about 30 links, and that is before anybody else shares it on their Twitter or Facebook feeds. This is amazingly powerful!

If you do blog regularly, it will drive traffic to your website, guaranteed! So get on it. And if writing is not your forte, try video or podcasts, no one said it has to be written word. The beauty of blogging is there are no rules. And personally, my favourite reason to blog is because I love it!


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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