Writers block

writersblog I am once again starting the work on a new album, which starts with songwriting. I’ve got few songs already written and loads of ideas I am working on. It seems many people are surprised about how much I can write. And I do get asked from time to time if I ever suffer from a writer’s block?

I am aware of a writer’s block and I know it can be a really physical realistic thing for many writers. But personally I do not believe in it. I think we can get stuck in a formula of writing, that eventually exhausts itself. And when this happens, it can be a desperate feeling. But I think we just need to look at things from a different perspective. Forget the rules for a second, forget the expectations. Personally for me, the best way to avoid getting stuck is to write songs all the time. Make it a routine, so your mind knows that every day at a certain time it needs to be ready to deliver. Routine is very powerful tool for creating art of any kind.

I think inspiration also is something you should not wait for, but look for. So as I am starting a new batch of songs I decided to take a few day off, just to clear the mind in a very different environment. Traveling for me is a great way to find inspiration. So I am on my way to Paris (lucky me!) for a few days just to clear my head and load up the unconscious mind to help me churn out albums worth of songs 🙂 I also find, good books, good movies and other artists good songs can be inspiring. Hearing someone else’s great work makes me work harder.

So what is your experience with writer’s block? Do you suffer from it? And if so, how do you get over it? And where do you find your inspiration?


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