Vlog 55 The coldest run so far

This vlog was filmed on Tuesday, the 5th of January (2016) and the temperatures dropped down to -18C in Warsaw. By the time I headed out for my run, it had created up to -16C… As I mention in the video, I am going to be keeping track of my runs this year. I will be posting on Twitter the stats, but also I am tracking the conditions. So far 5km in -16c in Warsaw is the coldest to beat. It will be interesting to see the difference between this and some of the runs during Summer around Europe.

Then we adventured back into the city. And I can say, it is one thing to keep warm while you are running, but wondering around the town is completely different thing. Damn it was cold! But even in the freezing cold, I could not resist the temptation of capturing this beautiful city 🙂

And the vlog finishes with us visiting some friends after we got back from the city. It was a busy day 🙂


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