Quick tip 65 CD’s

J.P.s Quick tipWe all have heard the news, CD’s are on the way out. The good old record shops are struggling. Those magical plastic discs we were told you could even wash when they first came out seem to be heading for the same destiny as the cassette tapes (remember those things that were supposed to destroy music business?) .

But here’s the thing, CD might not be the main source of income for the artist. But It still is very powerful merchandise product for live shows. Bands still sell CD’s to the fans who wan’t to support them and bring back something physical from the show. In fact, now that touring is becoming the main income for most bands, which by the way has always been the case for the grass root level and before the days of recorded music, CD sales at the live shows can make make a tour financially successful.

So don’t dismiss the good old CD just yet. I for one believe it still has a lot of miles in it. But keep your production runs realistic. Nothing worse than being stuck with boxes of them in your flat.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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