Quick tip 25 Twitter

J.P.s Quick tipTwitter is just after introducing a group messaging. You can message up to 20 people at the same time, and no one else will see this. You can make powerful use of this in promotion. For example you could make a promotional group of avid fans who would help you promote new video, or an event. You could also have your band on a one message. This could save you time and money on text messages, while organising rehearsals, promotion or events. The possibilities are endless 😉

It is pretty straightforward to operate. You just go to write a direct message, but you can add more people on to the “Enter a name” box. As I mentioned above, at the moment it is up to 20 people. And it works as a direct message, so only people who are included in the message can see it.

Let’s face it, we are all bit dubious of change in our favourite social media sites. But I believe this a good addition to Twitters simple, but powerful set of tools.


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