Quick tip 225 Don’t underestimate Twitter

J.P.s Quick tipIn the past month there has been talk about how Twitter share prices are down. This has led to a torrent of press about how people are leaving Twitter and how it is going to implode in a big cosmic blast! Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a bit 😀 But you have seen the news and know what I mean. So here is my experience.

I am very active on Twitter, I use it daily. I also manage my follower base very carefully. I know when people have not been active in the past month, two months or three months.. If anything, I see the active users being even more active. I have seen no drop.

But here’s the big thing, Twitter is the biggest source of traffic to my website. Facebook used to be big, but now the search engine traffic has well taken over Facebook. This is partly to do with my blog becoming more popular (thank you!) But still by far the most important source is Twitter. So son;t underestimate Twitter, it is a promotional powerhouse for any musician who is willing to put the work in, and I believe it will be so for years to come.


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