Quick tip 223 98% major label failure rate

J.P.s Quick tip98% of artists signed to major label fail. So why do we still think “getting signed” is the ultimate goal? Why do we spend so much effort working towards that goal? If we spent as much effort building our career independently, we would have much bigger chance of success.

But surely there are no independent superstars? You are right, but that is not just the independents anymore. The whole concept of superstardom is coming down. Even the major labels are struggling to justify the investment in making new “superstars” as the return on that massive investment is getting smaller by the year as the album sales drop.

But there is the “middle class” musicians (thanks John for reminding me,) the artists who are doing it on their own. Who build their careers on diverse income from several sources. They don’t cry over dropping album sales, they create art, make music, tour. And they do it all on their own terms.


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