Quick tip 169 Bad shows

J.P.s Quick tipI am going to break one of my own rules, just for you guys. If I have a bad show, what do I do? I keep it to my self. Why? Because even though I might felt like it was not my best show, for someone in the audience it could have been a great experience. If I get off the stage and start giving out how it was a bad show, It does not make me look like very self-critical artist, it makes me look like an amateur. But even more so, I am taking the experience the audience might have had away from them.

But to make this point, I am admitting to you, last Saturday I had a bad show. It was no ones fault, just one of those days. There were more drunk people in the audience than usual, and it felt like it was hard to connect with them. And of course the unconscious mind starts to work against you here as well. The more you think about how badly the show is going, the worse it gets. Now don’t get me wrong, people enjoyed the show a lot. And no one else than my band mates knew we had a bad show.

So what do you do in these moments? The hard thing to do is to try to change your own approach, but it is the most effective way to change the show around. Fight to change the show, by stop thinking how badly the show is going, but think how well it is going. Convince your self it is going great! If this does not work, live to fight another day. Just get through the show the best you can, try to figure out if there are lessons to be learned and then move on to the next show.


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