Quick tip 145 Touring tips 2.

J.P.s Quick tipTouring tip number two, allow time for things to go wrong. Where ever you need to be, plan to be there early. I know the extra hour of sleep might sound tempting, but that extra hour might come to bite you in the backside when you are stuck in a traffic jam on a motor way for hours.

And when you arrive into a venue you have never played in before, there are a hundred and one things that can go wrong, and require time to fix. Or even more so when you play in a venue where you have played in before, and assume you know how the night is going to run, but you never know what has changed since your last show there.

So allow your self an extra hour or two every day on tour. The worse thing that can happen is that everything runs smoothly and you end up with bit of time to kill. That is much better option than being stuck on the road and missing your own show.


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