One More Day

J.P. beach I am not good at preaching, nor do I think I should. I am good at giving out 😉 But even that I try to do in a constructive way. So I hope this does not come across as me trying to preach.

This week’s song “One More Day” came about while I was sitting on a beach (lucky me, ha?). Often when I am beside the sea, I cannot be but impressed by the power of the nature. I also had a chat about living beside the sea and how you miss it when you are away from it with a new twitter friend of mine. Once you get used to taking in that fresh salty sea air, it is hard to live without it. So while I was sitting there, the waves crashing onto the shore it made me think how we sometimes take it for granted. The truth is that in the past hundred years or so, we have done more damage to the nature than ever before. I am not saying we need to go back in time. I’m not saying we need to give up on our modern luxuries, cars, flat screen TV’s, Mobile phones, central heating or air conditioning, not at all. I just think we should be a little bit more aware of what we are doing to the nature and take some action. It’s the little steps I believe can change the world. If you are going to the local shop around the corner for something small, why not walk for a change? Your water heater in the house, does it really need to be that hot? Sometimes choose the quick wash on your washing machine. Try not to leave the water tap open. If we start to look around us, there are so many small changes we can make, that will make a difference.

So there you go. Again I am not trying to preach, maybe just make you think a bit 😉 If this is something that is close to your heart, or you think it is important hit those fancy share buttons below. Thanks!


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