Live to fight another day

On this weeks song I am going back to what I have been told I am particularly good at, which is telling stories. This weeks song is a story song, with an important message. We are talking about domestic violence. The man in the song is addicted to the “white powder,” and brings a knife with him where ever he goes, which is a bad combination… In a heated moment the husband ends up stabbing his own wife. Luckily enough she survives. “Live to fight another day” is about the moment when she is still healing from the attack, but already planning a revenge.

Obviously the story in the song is just an imaginary story, but unfortunately it is not too hard to imagine that someone actually lived through this. Domestic violence is still today treated very much like suicide, which is brushed aside and not talked about. There is a certain amount of shame associated with it, where as the only person that should feel shame is the abuser. So in my small way, I am trying to bring the subject out and get people thinking and talking about it. The victims should not need to feel shame, they should be supported. They should be able to share their stories, not feel a shamed.

If you feel as strongly about this subject, please share the song with the world. And don’t forget you can don load this song from my Bandcamp page HERE. Let me know your thoughts on the subject and the song. Instead of brushing it aside, lets start a conversation.


The author J.P. Kallio is a Singer-songwriter and a daily vlogger
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