Light up the way

The best way to explain this weeks song “Light up the way” is to tell you about the writing process. It was a late enough when I got back from my regular Saturday night show in The Porterhouse and as it usually is the case, I find it hard to sleep for several hours after playing a show. It had been a crazy week to say the least. To pass the time I picked up my guitar in hopes to write a song, but I felt somehow like I was lost for words. I felt like I wanted to say something that would make everybody feel somehow better. I wanted to sing a message of hope, but I was not sure if it was in me.

You might think that these are just the daily struggles of a songwriter, but this was more than that. I had an urgent need to do something, but I just could not put it into words…

Brick walls like these are not unfamiliar to me as a songwriter, so I resorted to the last trick I had up my sleeve. I wrote a song about that situation, the confusion, the divide between people and most of all how I think life will go on. It is the love that will light up the way in times like these.

Go and grab a copy of this weeks song “Light up the way” from my Bandcamp page HERE. And if you feel the message of the song, please share it with the world.


The author J.P. Kallio is a Singer-songwriter and a daily vlogger
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