Independent musicians most powerful tool

DSCN0378As an independent musician what is the most powerful tool, or character in this case that you need? You might sit there on the edge of your seat waiting me to pass you the Holy Grail of music promotion, the one website that takes care all of your booking and promotion needs and exposes you to the world of music fans that queue up to buy your CD’s or download them from iTunes, view your YouTube videos over and over again, all you need to do is watch that counter tick. People from all over the world rush to join your social media sites… Nope! Or maybe it’s a software that analyzes peoples musical tastes with all the high end spy tools used by the intelligence agencies, and calculates the optimal time to expose them to your latest video… Nope!

Again, it is a lot more simple than that. When the times get tough, as they inevitably do from time to time, it is easy to lose the sight of this and start to wonder if maybe your time has come and gone… Maybe you are not cut out for this after all.

Your biggest tool, that separates you from the thousands of others is persistence. The fact that you don’t give up. When you times are tough, you work harder. You turn every stone, you struggle through the wind and the rain. There will be good times along the way, and you will enjoy them, but also there will be tough times and you endure them knowing they are part of the course. Everything else means nothing without the persistence! It’s what separates professionals from amateurs.

Keep on keeping on!


The author J.P. Kallio is a folk / alt country singer songwriter
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