Getting interviewed by the Break the business podcast

Vlog 219 Getting interviewed by the Break the business podcast

In today’s vlog I am doing an interview with the Break the business podcast. I did an interview with them when they were only starting, and now I am back and this time I am talking about vlogging and how it can be a powerful promotional tool for musicians.
The funny thing is, in the past year Break the business podcast has become one of my favourite podcasts and I listen to it every week 🙂 I have done a lot of interviews in my time as a musician, but this time I found myself being little bit nervous before the interview 😀 But as soon as we started to record, I was once again on my talking mood 😉
Check out the full interview here:

Or you can find it on iTunes as well.

Then I also talk about the ups and downs of living in the middle Temple Bar.


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