gas-stationAssuming something is certain way can be a dangerous thing. Why do we assume? Because someone said so? Do we trust that person? Or maybe you found the information online? Do you trust the source?

When you go to your local shop to buy groceries, it is ok to assume that they have what you need. And even if they don’t, the damage done is not detrimental. But if you are talking about your career, things might get bit more serious.

For example, you have agreed to perform a concert somewhere. The contract has made it clear that you are responsible of your own travel arrangement. So you assume you will just take a train, as you did few years back when you played there before. And you remember the times and price of the train. But what if the time tables have changed? What if the prices have changed?

Or if you are driving. Do you know if there is a chance for road works on the way? Or do you just assume it will take you two hours to drive there, as it did two years ago? And sure you can fill your tank on that petrol station along the way where you stopped last time. Oh, no wait. They have gone out of business…

And when you get to the venue, they sad they will provide the sound system, as they did two years ago. But when you get there, you realise they literally provide the same equipment as two years ago. Except by now it has two more years of abuse on it from being used night after night by different bands…

To assume something is bit like blind faith. And when your career is on the line, you need to have more than just faith. You need facts, and you need to check the facts. Don’t just assume someone else is going to check them for you. It is different if you have a tour manager, who you are paying to do that job for you. Then it becomes their responsibility and they are countable. But most independent artist tour manage them selves. So don’t just assume, know the facts.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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