28th of July Blog update



This post comes to you a bit later than usual. I’ve spent the past weekend at the Keltska Noc festival with Sliotar in the Czech Republic. Even though there is Wifi here, it was not very good during the festival due to several hundred people using it at the same time and occasional thunder storm. It’s been a great festival and tour so far. We have one more week to go before we get back home.

But even though I have been on the road I’ve done my best to keep up with the blog posts 🙂 And here is what got posted on my website in the past week.

First of all, Last week’s song, “Daddy’s Girl” and quite an epic blog post to go with it as well. I know it’s a heavy subject, but I had to get it out of my system:

Daddy’s Girl

Last Monday’s post is something that intrigues me more and more lately. It’s about taking a break, to perform better. I call it a Brain Reset. Check it out here:

Brain Reset

Here’s a small travel journal post I posted about my visit in Italy at the beginning of the tour. Check it out here:

Best Pizza in the world

Being a musician who plays Irish music there is a certain stereotype forced on you. Here is why I would not never fit that stereotype:

Why I won’t sing Galway Girl

This blog post to me contains the true secret of success 😉

Importance of Failure

So as you can see, even though I am on the road, I haven’t forgotten about you all 😉 And as always, more good stuff on the way.


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