10th of April 2016 Blog update

I really don’t want to sound like a broken record, but what’s with the weather! We were out on a cliff walk and for the most of that three-hour walk we were pounded by hailstones the size of pearls… It’s like someone forgot to tell the mother nature that the spring is long overdue. But that’s enough of that, rant over 😉

Never the less, it has been a good week. The sessions in The Porterhouse have been very busy. This weeks song kept me busy for few days, but the results were well worth it. And the vlogs kept me busy 🙂

  1. Chin-ups are a one tough workout! I’m finding doing them regularly through out the day gets your metabolism really fired up. I have my chin-up bar on my bathroom door, so every time I am in and out of the bathroom I hop on it 🙂 No excuses.
  2. As a musician it can be easy to get caught on very limited styles of music. But if you are willing to expand your musical pallet, you might just open some unexpected doors.
  3. Trust your gut your gut knows the best…

This weeks song was a one that I ended up being very exited about. And the message in the song it self is something I hope many of you will think about hard. Read all about it here:

Let go

In the first vlog of the week I talk about the different processes of vlogging and how you sometimes just need to go with the flow:

Vlog 141 Fingers crossed

In Tuesdays vlog I once again talk about Songwriting. In this one we get pretty deep talking about the creative process:

Vlog 142 Songwriters self-doubt

The Sliotar summer tour is getting close, but there is still a lot of work to be done. I was stuck in “the office” mode for a few days this week, so I thought it would be a good idea to talk about a little bit about tour booking:

Vlog 143 Tour booking

Brian has been a regular feature on the vlogs, but this time he took over the vlog for a bit, and almost dropped the camera:

Vlog 144 Brian vlog takeover

Friday’s vlog was another random vlog, as the crazy weather had me stuck in the house:

Vlog 145 What’s with the weather?

The last vlog of the week Brian was with me again. We went for a lunch and Brian even introduced us to a small bit of Irish history:

Vlog 146 It’s good to have good friends

And that’s all for now folks, a lot more stuff on the way next week 🙂

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This week you guys have sent a lot of love my way. The feedback on this weeks song really meant a world to me. And for all of that I would like to say big thank you. I hope through  my work and this community we are building I can return some of that love back to you guys. Have a great week, where ever you are.


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