27th of March 2016 Blog update

So as soon as we managed to wash off the green face paint after St. Patrick’s day, the easter is here. This week my long stint of shows and sessions came to and end and I got few days of rest 🙂 Now I am back to my normal schedule, apart from the easter celebrations, which are quite special here in Ireland this year.

This year is 100 years from the Easter rising that took place here in Dublin 1916 and was a start of a series of an events that lead to Ireland getting its independence. So Dublin is going to be mad this Sunday and Monday. But Hopefully the weather allows me to get out and vlog about it for yo guys.

But before all that, let’s have look at what I got up to during the week just gone. And lets start with few lessons:

  1. This weeks song did require quite a lot of effort in the studio and I learned that by expanding to a different styles of production you actually get to learn much more than by sticking to what we know.
  2. Persistency always works better than trying to find a shortcut. This is a lesson I seem to be coming back all the time 😉
  3.  Sometimes it is better to recover and let your body heal, than push yourself.

And then on to this weeks posts. This weeks song “Blood on my hands” was a last part to a trilogy of songs. Read all about it here:

Blood on my hands

In the first vlog of the week I take you around the food market in the Temple Bar Meeting house square:

Vlog 127 Temple Bar food market

From time to time I try to share something to of my ordinary vlogging stuff. In this vlog I share with you my Breakfast of champions:

Vlog 128 Breakfast of champions

This week’s song was a last part of a trilogy of songs, and in this vlog I star recording the song:

Vlog 129 Working on a trilogy

On Tuesday morning we woke up to the news about the horrendous attacks in Brussels. In this vlog I share with you my first reactions to the attacks:

Vlog 130 The morning of Brussels attacks

After nearly two weeks of working flat-out my body finally told me to get some sleep. I also struggled with a small knee injury:

Vlog 131 Slow start and a busted knee

Finally on Saturday’s vlog I thought it was time to bring some live music to you guys. I performed an acoustic versions of the three songs that made up the trilogy:

Vlog 132 Trilogy live

So even that the craziness of St. Patricks week was behind us, still we had a busy week of vlogs. Let me know what you thought of the week. Also let me know if there is anything you’d like to see me cover in the vlogs.

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And thats a wrap for the week. Hope you have a great start to the week and I will talk to you soon.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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