Vlog 131 Slow start and a busted knee

As sometimes is inevitable, after working so hard I eventually crashed 😀 The alarm when on at 7.15am I hit the snooze and the next thing I knew it was 11am. I rarely do this, and when I do, it is my body’s way of saying “time to recharge those batteries boy!” After the slow start I dragged myself for a struggle of a run. My knee is also giving out a bit after Monday’s run. It’s not really sore, but it just seems to struggle to carry the weight a bit. If there are any runners out there, let me know of this has happened to you before and what was the best fix. For now I am just easing off a bit.

Then I had a little bit of last minute fixes to do on this weeks song, which made me miss my lunch. My cheat in these moments is Quest bars. They are high in protein, fibre and fats and low on carbs 🙂 Oh yeah, and they taste really nice as well (no one paid me to say that by the way.)

And at the end of the vlog I finally came to the end of my twelve day stretch of gigs and sessions 🙂 And boy does it feel good to have few days off.


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