20th of June Blog update

FeelingtheloveIt has been amazing week. I have really felt the love and support from you guys in the past week. I mean I always do, but somehow it just has been amplified this week 🙂 And all your lovely messages has made me just want to work harder. And I did push my self a lot. I had few things in the back boiler, that just did not seem to get done. But this week they did get done, and done in style.

I kind of find it hard to even imagine that “other” model in the music business, where I might not have direct contact and communication with you guys.

I thought I’ll include a new little feature into these weekly blog updates. And this is me looking back what I learned in the past week. Learning is something we do all the time, and sometimes even unconsciously. So this is as much for my self to journal, as for you guys to think what you learned in the past week:

What did I learn this week:
– I do enjoy problem solving, especially when it is music, music business or music technology related.
– Graphic is the best way to show people inaccuracies, who might have limited musical ear training.
– You need to consume a lot of salt and magnesium, while in ketosis 😀
– The importance of asking.

Obviously that is not a complete list, but those were the things that stood out for me. What did you learn this week?

And now off to this week’s blog posts:

This week’s song is about those magical moments we can have through live music, and how we should make the most of it when those moments come along:

While I’m Here

Do you ever dream about leaving it all behind? If so, you should read Monday’s blog post “New beginnings”

New beginnings

I always come by some unfortunate individual, who think they can shout and bully their way in to success. In my experience the secret is a lot more simple:

Quick tip 116 Secret of success

Finding a good investor in music business the same rules apply as in any other business. Investor should not only offer money, but care about how you invest it. Good investors advice is as valuable as the financial investment, and a bad investor will do more harm than good to your career. Read more here:

Investment in the music business

Being true as an artist will shine through everything you do. People will pick up on it and respond to it:

Quick tip 117 Be true

Would you like me to help you record your song? Would you like me to record a guitar for you? I am offering my free help at the moment through Melosity:


It is important to pick your battles when it comes to social media. Here’s my thoughts on the subject:

Quick tip 118 Don’t try to be everywhere

Remember I mentioned earlier learning to ask? Here’s me asking your help, and the response has been amazing 🙂 The help has arrived in form of shares all around social media, but also in advice, and some real good advice. Thank you so much! Read more here and get involved:

I need your help

Advice is cheap, but good advice is rare and hard to come by. Take time to think it over before you react on new advice:

Quick tip 119 Be sceptical

Take action today, make things happen:

Quick tip 120 Take action

When you are working hard trying to make your dream reality, from time to time things get tough and you might feel like giving up. Don’t! Read this blog post for some motivation:

Tip the scales

And that was the wrap-up of another busy week. Feel free to share any of the posts you like 🙂 A lot more cool stuff on the way. Have a rocking week!


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