MelosityOk, so many of the regular readers of my blog have heard about Melosity by now. I asked some of my followers to sing backing vocals on a song of mine through Melosity, which is a new online recording software / collaboration tool. You can read more about the project HERE. I spent several hours in the Melosity office last week talking about the software and how it can be improved on. I think it is important to state that I am not affiliated with Melosity, I just advise them in a hopes that they can build a tool that I will be able to use for years to come.

I see potential in what they do. For me to be able to set up a recording session online, then invite friends to contribute on it, without having to share files through Dropbox every time someone records something new, is just brilliant. The fact that I can hear their take as soon as they have finished recording, no matter where they are in the world just blows me away 🙂

I also see another few big benefits on this system. You see Melosity offer you free storage for all of your recordings. This means you won’t clog up your storage in your computer. In the past having an external hard drive was a must for recording, but now many of us are recording on the go. The design in new computers is moving towards relaying in online storage, rather than massive built-in hard drives.

Sure this requires us to have an internet connection, but this is something that is becoming more and more widely available. And the future is on the way 😉 Elon Musk announced earlier on the year that he is planning a network of satellites to provide global internet access. There are other major tech companies also with plans of using weather balloons and drones to do the same. So it is only matter of time before the whole world has access to internet connection.

I can hear many of you being skeptical, and thinking this will never work. But stranger things have become reality in our life time. And I for one am trying to utilise the new developments to my advantage, rather than fight against them.

So right now I am hoping to test the capabilities of Melostiy as far as I can. And if you want to join me I’d gladly be part of your projects as well. Just set up your own project and send me an invitation through Melosity to [email protected] with instructions on what you’d like me to do 🙂
So let’s get creating some music 🙂


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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