1st of November Blog update

Holy crap, November is here! Lets just take a minute to digest that… The above picture is from Dublin on the last day of October (yesterday) taken by yours truly 🙂

Oh yeah, how about a song? This is from my first album and this live version was recorded last year during a crazy few days when I turned my kitchen into a small video studio 😀 So let’s start with “November”

So what do you think? Well, did you see the well over 3000 views? That’s freaking awesome!!!

This has been a crazy week! But mainly good crazy. Started the week in Warsaw, in Peter and Wiola’s beautiful new apartment (thank you guys once again for your amazing hospitality,) playing with their younger daughter as it seemed the best way to put off the inevitable packing. But by the end of Monday I was back in Dublin munching take away pizza.

Between then and now I posted another 13 blog posts (This is number 14!), I wrote, recorded and posted a new song, released another album… So as you can see, it’s been busy.

So lets look what this week has taught me:

  1. Sometimes I kick my self undeservedly… There’s a full blog post about the subject, so I won’t get more in to it here.
  2. Fish oil capsules (those clear yellow ones) do not blend well in a smoothie…
  3. I need a better blender…
  4. How excited I am about something and willing to share my excitement, the more other people get excited about it.
  5. Sometimes, just sometimes with the closest of my loved ones I just need to go with the flow and not be the stubborn J.P. I can be from time to time.

And in more detail, here is what got posted on my blog this week. It’s a lot, so get yourself a hot cup of your favourite beverage and dive in:

Let’s start with the big ones. Here is this weeks song “Winter Months.” Check it out and grab your copy from my Bandcamp page as well:

Winter Months

And the new album! Read all about it here:

New album “I Believe In You”

I started the week with a simple Monday message.

Happy Monday

The first quick tip of the week talked about why I prefer self hosted WordPress over Wix:

Quick tip 206 Wix sites not indexed by Google

It’s been a while since my last songwriting blog post:

On songwriting part 13 Visualise your story

This is very important piece of advice not only in music business, but in life in general:

Quick tip 207 Don’t trust everything you read

Few people asked me about my favourite coffee beans, so here is a vlog about the subject:

Vlog 10 Coffee beans

Don’t be scared to go of the topic from time to time:

Quick tip 208 Go off the topic

I got quite fired up about the World Health Organisation announcement about meat. Read my thought here:

Here is why I will have my bacon

Don’t be scared to make noise:

Quick tip 209 Make noise

Excitement is infectious, and here are my thoughts on how you should utilise it:

Quick tip 210 Excitement is infectious

Here’s me sharing some of my struggles as an entrepreneurial musician:

Why do I kick myself?

And here is another vlog post. This one is some of my tips on blogging:

Vlog 11 Blogging

So hopefully you can get an idea here how I in the beginning of this post said my week was crazy 🙂 You guys support with the launch of the new album has been brilliant! I don’t think I have the words to express my gratitude. Thank you!

And as usual house keeping, if you like what I do and want to support me in a direct way, consider supporting me on Patreon HERE. But most of all, keep doing what you do by being part of my journey. Have a great Sunday and a new week.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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